DAX debuted in 2012 to showcase collaborative works throughout the Digital Arts, including but not limited to the departments of Computer Science, Digital Arts, Theater, Musics, Film and Media Studies, Digital Humanities, and Studio Art at Dartmouth College. Check out The sights & sounds from past DAX events below.


The forth annual DAX was a hit this past week featuring diverse art from across Dartmouths campus!  


This annual event is a merging of DAX (Digital Arts Exhibition) and the New Music Festival. Student work from across campus will be shown in locations throughout the Hopkins Center. We begin at the Top of the Hop at 6:30pm with a cyber fashion show (high fashion meets digital) and interactive installations, digital art and a reception. In the Hop Garage (across from the cafe), visitors can interact with installation pieces and live demos of new work by Dartmouth students (games, apps, quadcopters, oculus rift and more). 

From here, at 8-8:45pm, we go to Spaulding Auditorium for live digital music and computer animation. Then it is back to the Hop Garage for more time with the installations and demos. A full evening of art and technology. Free and open to the public

dax 2013 image.png

The DAX week kicked off with FABrication Labs (FAB Labs) in the Hopkins Center Garage (formerly the Studio Art drawing studios), which were held with the motto "make something!" Students assisted visitors in learning to make animated videos, digital musical instruments, and other creative projects.

The week-long arts series was highlighted by an exhibit of student work in the Black Family Visual Arts Center on May 9 from 7 to 10 p.m. Visitors to the DAX exhibition had the opportunity to play games, listen to digital music installations, demo new technologies, virtually paint on the walls, and watch two film screenings, one of student computer animation and a short, live-action movie created with digital technology.

maya characters dax 2012.jpg

The First Annual Digital Arts Exhibition on May 10, 2012 was a huge success. Sponsored by the Neukom Institute, nearly 200 people visited the Cynthia Reeves Gallery, enjoyed free gelato at Morano Gelato or watched computer animation shorts at the Nugget Theater in downtown Hanover. Rain dampened the event a bit, limiting the outdoor projections and digital music, but kids of all ages from Dartmouth and the Hanover community made digital finger-paintings on the walls and played with the interactive games and apps throughout the exhibition.